I am part of a physician group. What is the price for MedMatch Network for groups?

I am part of a physician group. What is the price for MedMatch Network for groups?

We apply a discount to subscription for physician groups of more than 3 physicians. Please contact us for group pricing.
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    • Can I send a referral to a physician who is not a registered on MedMatch?

      The MedMatch platform has limited information on physicians who are not registered. An email is required to send a referral. You can invite your colleague to join from the dashboard or my network section.
    • Can I invite other non-physician members of my practice to join my MedMatch?

      Clerks, administrators, physician extenders of the same practice can create user accounts. At registration, they must select your practice name. Non-physicians are not assigned separate dashboards. Once logged in, the user can activate a physician ...
    • How does MedMatch work?

      MedMatch is an enhanced network of highly qualified healthcare professionals. Accessible in the cloud, any time and anywhere. MedMatch uses innovative, cloud-based technology to improve doctor referrals, increase office efficiency, improve patient ...
    • Is MedMatch HIPAA compliant?

      MedMatch follows the Health and Human Rights (HHS) office of Civil Rights (OCR) recommendations for staying HIPAA compliant by performing the following quarterly audits: Security Risk Assessment Privacy Standards Audit HITECH Subtitle D Privacy Audit ...
    • I’m a primary care physician. What do I pay?

      If you remain in the NETWORK plan, your subscription is FREE and remains free forever. There are no fees for making referrals on the MedMatch Network. You pay a small transaction fee of $0.95 for in-coming appointments using our proprietary ...