Is MedMatch for members only?

Is MedMatch for members only?

To benefit from the full aspects of the MedMatch platform, you are required to subscribe as a member. After the trial period, if you do not upgrade to a paid membership, your account will not be deleted. Members may still be able to find you, but they may not be able to refer patients to you on the MedMatch platform.
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    • How does MedMatch work?

      MedMatch is an enhanced network of highly qualified healthcare professionals. Accessible in the cloud, any time and anywhere. MedMatch uses innovative, cloud-based technology to improve doctor referrals, increase office efficiency, improve patient ...
    • Can I invite other non-physician members of my practice to join my MedMatch?

      Clerks, administrators, physician extenders of the same practice can create user accounts. At registration, they must select your practice name. Non-physicians are not assigned separate dashboards. Once logged in, the user can activate a physician ...
    • Is MedMatch HIPAA compliant?

      MedMatch follows the Health and Human Rights (HHS) office of Civil Rights (OCR) recommendations for staying HIPAA compliant by performing the following quarterly audits: Security Risk Assessment Privacy Standards Audit HITECH Subtitle D Privacy Audit ...
    • Do you offer a member referral program?

      Yes. Our early-adopter program offers up to a year of subscription fee waiver. Terms and conditions apply.
    • Does MedMatch integrate with my EHR?

      Yes, MedMatch has meaningful integration with certain Electronic Health Record (EHR) applications. Please contact support to see if MedMatch integrates with your platform.