Is my patient data safe?

Is my patient data safe?

At MedMatch, we take data security seriously. All data is hosted on one of the world's most secure sites at AWS. Data stored at rest in the underlying storage is encrypted with 256 bit keys, as are its automated backups.

Connection between you and MedMatch servers is protected by TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol. MedMatch follows the HIPAA and HITECH electronic patient health information (ePHI) security and privacy rules.
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    • Is MedMatch HIPAA compliant?

      MedMatch follows the Health and Human Rights (HHS) office of Civil Rights (OCR) recommendations for staying HIPAA compliant by performing the following quarterly audits: Security Risk Assessment Privacy Standards Audit HITECH Subtitle D Privacy Audit ...
    • Is my information safe?

      MedMatch uses  the most secure electronic data storage, transmission and management platform and software. Measures have been implemented to secure and prevent data breach. Similarly, MedMatch has implemented data breach and notification protocols.
    • What if my patient does not have a phone?

      Please have the patient provide a trusted phone number of someone they are willing to trust with their health information. Otherwise, please use  your usual office protocol for reminding patients of their appointments. Email appointment reminder for ...
    • How long is a patient’s EHR stored on the MedMatch platform?

      Uploaded patient records are stored up to 30 days or until the information is downloaded by the authorized user. Demographic information about the patient remains on the MedMatch platform indefinitely.
    • Can my patient opt out of SMS texting?

      Yes, simply do not enter the patient's phone number. It is not required.