What is the role of the MMA?

What is the role of the MMA?

The MedMatch Administrator (MMA) has exclusive access to the practice account information, including subscription plans and billing information. The MMA can create physician member profiles and invite them to join the practice account. Only the MMA admits future members to the practice account. The MMA grants level of access to practice information including referral analytic overview. The MMA role can be re-assigned to another member of the practice at a later date.
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    • Can I register if I am not a doctor?

      The Medmatch platform requires at least one doctor in the practice to register. MedMatch requires a Designated MedMatch Administrator. This person can be a physician or an administrator. 
    • Can I register more than one doctor in my practice?

      Yes. Each doctor in the practice is assigned a separate dashboard. All doctors in the same practice are grouped together. Clerks, administrators, physicians extenders can create user accounts, but do not have separate dashboards. Once logged in, the ...
    • Can I invite other non-physician members of my practice to join my MedMatch?

      Clerks, administrators, physician extenders of the same practice can create user accounts. At registration, they must select your practice name. Non-physicians are not assigned separate dashboards. Once logged in, the user can activate a physician ...
    • Do I need to sign up all the doctors in my practice?

      Ideally yes. You can best take advantage of the analytics provided on the platform.
    • How to change your hours of availability.

      How to Change Your Hours of Availability STEP 1: From the left panel, click on the "Availability" drop down menu and choose the location to update. STEP 2: Click button, MODIFY BASIC AVAILABILITY STEP 3: Choose the day, update the time and click on ...